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Your Challenges

Whether you are a start-up or a high street retailer, we understand the challenges you face when it comes to eCommerce.


These are some of the challenges that we solve for our clients:

What eCommerce platform should we choose?

Whether you are a start-up or a high street retailer, choosing the right platform for your business is really important. We have years of experience working with some of the leading eCommerce infrastructure providers, including Magento, Shopify, and Woocommerce. We can help identify which platform is best for your business needs and how it will support you as your business grows.

How do we effectively prioritise our eCommerce development roadmap?

With demands from different areas of the business, how you prioritise the development of your eCommerce roadmap can sometimes cause conflict. We can help you maximise your online opportunities by assessing and prioritising the business needs based on complexity, potential profitability and cost.

Our website is under-performing and not reaching sales forecasts, what do we do?

By performing an audit on your website, we can help to determine the issues which are most likely affecting the performance of your site in terms of design, usability and technical performance. We can then improve your site by resolving these issues through best practice, whilst offering advice and support throughout.

Why are we not getting the results we expect from our PPC ads?

There are many reasons why your PPC ads are not performing as you would expect. We can conduct an in-depth PPC review, where we will look at your performance based on ad position, landing pages, competitor analysis, negative keywords and generic keyword analysis.

We need an eCommerce expert - where can we find one?

Right here. We have years of industry experience and insight gained from working with the multi-channel teams of successful retailers. We can help you bridge any skills gaps that you may have when looking to launch or expand your online trading activities, either on a short or long term basis.

How can we become more commercially focused?

We have years of experience working in the retail sector and understand what it takes to maximise sales throughout the year by integrating opportunities into your commercial planning. We can help you stay inline with your direct competitors, whilst supporting and training your staff to think like retailers.





Should we sell our products on marketplaces as well as our own website?

The leading marketplaces, including Amazon and eBay, offer access to an enormous audience, subject to a number of key considerations. To help you make the right marketplace decisions, we can analyse your product offering, consumer base, pricing structure and competitors. If you decide to launch on one or more marketplaces, we can manage all aspects of the launch process for you, ensuring your product offering and content complies with all platform requirements.

How do we deal with the growing traffic to our website from mobile devices?

Many retailers have noticed a dip in conversion rates with the growth of mobile and online shopping. Ensuring that your website is responsive will help to maximise usability for consumers regardless of what device they are using. We can provide solutions for this along with analysing the traffic that is coming to your site, identify what mobile devices are being used and help you understand the behaviour of those customers.

How will multi-channel services improve our business?

As the development of eCommerce services expand rapidly, so do the expectations of online consumers. Whether it is click and collect, same day delivery or in-store ordering, we can help you evaluate which multi-channel service is most suited to your business.

We don't understand how our systems work, where can we get training?

We can provide in-house training workshops and training manuals to help your teams understand best practices and how to use systems to benefit the business.

We want to streamline our website and marketplace processes, how do we do this?

A major area of focus for us is ensuring that businesses are able to fully exploit the opportunities afforded by multi-channel eCommerce across multiple online marketplaces. As a partner for one of the leading SaaS multi-channel sales tool, we can integrate your marketplace with your eCommerce platform. This will streamline your multi-channel processes by automating management of inventory, orders and shipping across all your sales channels.

Are our processes and business structure right for maximising our multi-channel sales?

As your business expands, it is important to evaluate the structure of your business and its current processes to ensure your in-house team and their roles are streamlined. We can analyse and evaluate the way your team works, ensuring the processes they use are cost effective and beneficial to the business.