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About Us


We are an eCommerce Consultancy based in Glasgow, Scotland.


We specialise in offering sales-focused eCommerce insight and expertise to businesses. With proficiency across many areas of eCommerce, including site development, strategy, product management, multi-channel, marketing and staff training, our aim is to provide the solutions to your eCommerce problems and help your online business succeed.


Specialist eCommerce consultancy is an emerging field, with leading businesses now seeking eCommerce advice and expertise that goes beyond what they can obtain from their web development agency or in-house technology team. What makes us different is that we can advise on all aspects of eCommerce from a strong commercial standpoint (and not just focusing on technology selection/development). Many start-up and small businesses understand the importance of selling online, but developing a successful and profitable eCommerce strategy (of which getting a website developed is just one component) can sometimes be a little daunting!


That is where we come in.


Here at eCommerce Consultancy, we have years of hands on industry experience and insight from working in multi-channel teams of successful retailers. We have a proven track record of generating strategies that increase sales, reduce costs and enhance overall business performance. Working with a small team of specialists, we are able to bring together project teams with the correct skills for all our clients needs.


eCommerce & Operational Strategy

Helping you develop, understand and manage your eCommerce strategy & allowing you to achieve your goals

Project Management

No project too big or small. Whether it is a project for a website redesign, systems integration, or platform upgrade, just leave it to us

Multi-channel Stock & Order Management

Streamlining your in-house processes to maximise efficiency

Performance Marketing

Maximising your traffic and sales through affiliates, email & paid marketing campaigns

Marketplace Integration, Analysis & Management

Ensuring your business is able to fully exploit the opportunities afforded by multi-channel eCommerce across multiple online marketplaces

Onsite and Remote Training

Providing in-house or remote training workshops to help your team understand best practices

Responsive/Mobile Strategy

Maximising your conversion rates and usability across multiple devices

eCommerce Trading Support / Management

Bridging any skills gaps that you may have when looking to launch or expand your online trading activities, either on a short or long term basis

Organisational Change

Supporting your team with a change of culture and business processes


eCommerce Consultant


eCommerce Consultant



As an eCommerce-focused digital media consultant, Amy looks to combine her commercial experience with her academic background in art and textile design, providing clients with a creative, sales-focused consultancy, anchored within the best practices learned from her time in high-pressure, target-driven management roles.


In the last 6 years, Amy has worked on all aspects of website procurement, from technology selection for greenfield projects, to project management of redesigns and platform upgrades.


A major area of focus for Amy is on ensuring that businesses are able to fully exploit the opportunities afforded by multi-channel eCommerce across multiple online marketplaces. This often involves system integration projects, of which she has extensive experience. Amy also looks to measure and provide insight across a range of technical and operational areas, as well as traditional retail areas like buying and merchandising.


As a Google Certified Adwords and Analytics professional, Amy is able to provide up-to-date advice across the entire digital marketing landscape, including performance marketing, search engine optimisation, social media (both content creation and distribution strategies), helping businesses understand how they can best target their available resources to achieve the maximum commercial return.


Amy has hands-on experience with an extensive range of eCommerce solutions, which ensures that she is able to offer clients impartial, experience-based advice when it comes to procurement, implementation and ongoing management and support.